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Welcome To Lifein Balance

Step back to evaluate your strategy for reaching life goals !

We offer several interactive and introspective leadership sessions based off of Rein Kansman's books, "Introducing Love: a new corporate paradigm" and "We are ALL Leaders". 

Why Rein Kansman!

When is the last time you stepped back to evaluate

your strategy for reaching life goals ?

Rein can help you with that !

As the President of Life in Balance, Rein Kansman has delivered outstanding results in Training and Development since 1988. Rein’s drive to help others understand their strengths compelled Rein to write two books and several articles on the subject.


“Rein is so fun to work with; he does a great job for his clients.  He takes integrity, leading, and coaching to a new level. Every time we have worked with Rein he has always delivered what he has promised.” 

- Patrick,  Learning & Development Manager, Sysco Indianapolis

"His coaching and concepts of balance have helped our company get back to the basics and core principles that made us successful. He keeps things simple and yet has a powerful message that has transcended throughout our company."

​- Scott, President

“After discussing training options for my team with multiple companies, it was very clear to me that Rein was the right fit. His background, knowledge, demeanor and flexibility, as well as his fresh perspective were a great fit. We are a smaller team, and Rein helped develop an individual training program which addressed some of the specific needs in our sales process and approach. Rein took the time to investigate many aspects of our company and team, and came up with a customized program which worked well for us. The training was effective, open and honest, and really challenged us to look at ourselves in the mirror for where we could improve. I will continue to engage with Rein for future training and support needs, as his partnership proved to be very effective and a great ROI.”

- Pete, VP of Foodservice Sales 

 “Rein understands our business and our culture.  His products and services are a natural fit for us.His programs and facilitation prowess motivates our leaders to make a shift in how they approach their work and employees.”

​- Tom, Vice President of Sales

Client Testimonials

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