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Life in Balance has been designing and delivering effective Training and Development solutions since 1988. We specialize in assessing your needs and designing a program that meets those specific needs.


Life in Balance offers several interactive and introspective leadership sessions based off of Rein Kansman's books, "Introducing Love: a new corporate paradigm" and "We are ALL Leaders". The experiences provide an opportunity for leaders to stop and evaluate how they have been leading. What personal leadership qualities are on the plus side of their balance sheet and which are ones they should work on. This can be done in a series of half day workshops or an in-depth retreat. 

Business Presentation

"If you have a goal to see your Company, Team or Associate achieve the tipping point, to reach a higher level of results performance, then Life in Balance has the tools you need to get there.  I have been using the talents of Rein Kansman for over 20yrs. From being a Sr executive leader of a $400m company to leading part of a fortune 100 company.  I have leaned on Rein to help my teams get to the tipping point and experience high performance results." 

-  Wade Wickus, VP Supply Chain, HADV - Hunt Brothers Pizza    

Business Meeting


Supervisory Survival skills is a 4 or 8 hour program that deals with one on one coaching to encourage growth of your stars, develop your team’s ability for solving their own personal challenges, and taking accountability for results.

  • Building your team of the future is topic that explores the most crucial components of teambuilding that can be overviewed in 4 to 8 hours or can be experienced with your intact team over a series of interactive sessions.

  • Problem solving/ Decision making. Learn the four main approaches to solving problems, a user’s guide for decision making, as well as a proven model in order to effectively solve problems. 

  • What Impact  are you going to leave is a 4 hour class that teaches us to be aware of the impact we leave on others as we lead our team and what we can do to create  a trusting environment.


 "I have had the privilege of working with Rein and his organization, Life in Balance, for over 10 years.  During this time Rein has been a valuable asset to compliment the training we do within our organization at both the frontline and leadership levels.

His insight into the leadership framework and his engaging approach to training has helped our organization elevate our leadership teams and achieve better growth and development from within.  Our teams look forward to having Rein work with them and he always delivers a great message and skills to make us better.

I would highly encourage utilizing Rein and Life in Balance to both create and compliment leadership and training opportunities."

- Joe Martines- President, Sysco Kansas City


Prospecting with a Purpose- How to effectively shorten the average time it takes to open an account by following a proven process and practice the steps of that process until they become natural.

  • Motivation that lasts - Learn to openly assess your current situation and explore a research-based set of mental practices that will allow you to change your perspective.

  • Customer Loyalty - Review the critical components and actions that will create    and maintain customer loyalty

  • Selling Skills workshop - You create a 3-5 day workshop from a long list of proven interactive sales programs.

Sales Agent

Self Improvement  

Are you in control? This deals with managing your team through change, managing your time and efforts, and managing your stress. This workshop is designed for 2 and ½ days and can be offered in whole as a series or workshops addressing each component separately.

Two-way communication- What did you say? Determine how open your communication efforts are as well as to understand the importance collaborative communication and versatility have on creating trusting relationships.

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