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Rein Kansman!

The President of Life in Balance, LLC has delivered outstanding results in Training and Development since 1988. Rein’s drive to help others understand their strengths compelled Rein to write a book titled “We are ALL Leaders”. Rein has a great capacity to take a message and to really make the audience connect on the importance of the message as well as the follow up actions. Rein demonstrates a great deal of empathy with all audiences from an intimate setting to a large auditorium. If you are seeking balance for your business with results, Life in Balance, LLC is the solution to your needs.

He will meet with you personally to develop a workshop or individual coaching in order to best assist in your educational growth plans. He works with individuals as well as Fortune 100 companies in delivering effective solutions that meet their training and development needs.


Program Certification

To ensure he has possesses the skills and knowledge required to help his clients obtain a Life in Balance, Rein takes every opportunity to educate himself. Below is a comprehensive list of all the program certifications achieved by Rein.  

NTL Institute

  • Trainer Skillshop 

  • Human Interaction Workshop 

Lore International

  • Effective People Skills

  • Leadership through Influence


  • Everything DiSC University Train the Trainer

Wilson Learning

  • Social Styles Series 

  • Contributing Team Member 

TTI Success Insights

  • Style Insights- DISC (Certified Professional Behavior Analyst)

  • 12 Driving Forces (Certified Professional 12 Driving Forces Analyst)


  • Social Style and Versatility

  • ​Behavioral Emotional Quotent

Development Dimensions International

  • Interaction Management System 

  • Service Plus

  • Coaching and Maximizing Performance 

  • Targeted Selection 

  • Business Impact Leadership- mid level leader series

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