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Virtual Learning

  • Prevent your life from spiraling out of balance

  • Keep your team from careening off course

  • Gain control over stress, time, change

  • Ramped up productivity

  • Passionate, engaged associates

  • Build loyalty back with your customers

  • Presentations that achieve their objectives

  • Solving the frustrations of poor communication

  • Personal accountability to team & self

  • Improve self-knowledge and build confidence


"A few weeks into the covid pandemic we challenged Rein to develop a virtual 4-week program for our sales team, which he executed as if it’d been done before.  Follow up and messaging are both key contributors to his success and level of engagement in training; owning a room." - Nate Lindesmith

President, PFS - Presto

What you should know about my virtual learning offerings:

Workshops are shorter in length to increase attentiveness during 30- 60 min sessions

All sessions will be interactive assuring no participants are left behind

Participants have specific between session assignments to assure learning application 

Pace and timing of workshops determined collaboratively with client for best impact

Supporting materials will be kept to essential pieces delivered electronically

​Individual follow up can be arranged to keep entire team moving forward together


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