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2022 Intentional Leadership
Retreat in Estes Park, Colorado

When is the last time you stepped back to Evaluate your strategy for reaching life goals?  


  • Defining your work environment and looking at how you may be impacting that space

  • Asking the right questions to empower others to reach his or her top performance

  • Understand  followership to effectively lead others respectfully

  • Evaluate the benefits of balancing your life

  • Create your own Personal Mission Statement

  • Learn techniques for maintaining focus on the right priorities

  • Develop the specific changes you need to make to best live your own personal mission statement and bring more value to your organization


"Prior to the Leadership Retreat in Estes Park, CO, Rein sent out a video to the participants telling us what to expect.  In the video, he posed a question: “Are you happy with the path you’re on?”.  My almost immediate response to myself was “not exactly”.

Through a series of exercises that explored and revealed many things about myself, both professionally and personally, I was able to start getting a clearer picture of where I am at, what brings me happiness and joy and where I want to be in the next few years.  Rein facilitated the various exercises and discussions in a way that made me feel at ease and gave me a sense of “knowing” that this was where I was meant to be.  Also, the small group made networking and getting to know the other people easy.

Besides the class time, there was also an amazing day of hiking in the mountains.  The scenery was beautiful and provided some much-needed physical activity.  Being out in nature where it was quiet and peaceful also presented a really cool environment where we all seemed at ease and able to open up and have some meaningful conversations on the trail.

This retreat was a Christmas gift which is by far one of the best gifts I’ve ever received."

Evan Force, President

ServCorp, Inc.

Join me in the mountains to step back for 4 days to create a strategy that is uniquely yours.

Located at the amazing:  

Peaceful Pines Cabin

821 Sanborn drive

Estes Park, Colorado 80517

We have two events scheduled:
The Spring Retreat is May 16- 19, 2022​
The Fall Retreat is  October, 2022


These are limited to small gatherings so you receive personal support when and where you need


$1800 per person, includes food, lodging, and materials. Does not include travel to and from Estes Park.

​If you are interested in attending, please fill out the contact form below and Rein will contact you.


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