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I help people achieve their life dreams


Through virtual, audio, and in-person coaching 


I bring 40 years of leadership experience and supporting the development of others


You will need to bring the goals, passion, and commitment


"If we do not change direction- we are liable to end up where we are headed"

- Lao Tzu

Client Rules

They need to-be comfortable with me (I will not push the relationship); commit to 3 months’ minimum (assure we have time to make desired changes); design me as their coach; commit to action, and keep meetings.

LIB coaching is:

Coaching focuses on future possibilities- not past mistakes

The coachee will acquire the facts from themselves- stimulated by the coach

Learning will occur through self- awareness. Awareness is knowing what is happening around you. Self-awareness is knowing what you are experiencing.  

The coach is not a problem-solver, a teacher, an advisor, or even an expert; they are a sounding board, a facilitator, a counselor, an awareness raiser.

The questions will follow the interest and the train of thought of the coachee, not the coach. Paradoxically, it is also valuable for us to focus on any aspect the coachee appears to be avoiding.


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