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Introducing Love

Although, this is a fictional story, set in fantasy, about a real world dilemma. I believe that no matter what kind of company you run or work for, you will find real people at its core. We have grown accustomed to treating people like objects instead of people.

I never did believe in entitlement. You don’t owe me a job or position just because I have been employed in a company for a long time. However, I do believe in respecting others; and that we do owe each other mutual respect as fellow human beings. Furthermore, I believe that the majority of the human race wants to succeed and will honor humanistic ground rules.

In the management arena, we tend to manage those whom we consider to be the less trustworthy minority. This often holds us back from reaching our potential. I also believe that Love will conquer all and this story is a right-on-target prescription for what ails not only Corporate America, but the international corporate community as well.

I look forward to hearing from you as the ideas presented in this fantasy manifest into reality in your organization through the absorbing and implementing of this virtual journey to the village of Paideia and the practical applications if holds.

Additionally, I have developed several expanded leadership workshops that provide deeper insight and applications for implementing company wide cooperation when incorporating the lessons in this book to real life scenarios for businesses and corporations of all sizes.


We Are All Leaders

We are ALL Leaders is a book about leadership that allows the reader to measure their own strengths and opportunities with those qualities expected by our followers. It can be used as a self guided workbook or an introduction to one of my workshops. The following is a section of the introduction. 


I set out to write a book about leadership that would apply to all of us. At some point in our lives we are all leaders! It may be professionally, or in our personal lives; somewhere we are accountable to others as a leader. There are some dynamite leaders in our world today who possess all the qualities listed in this book. They continue to amaze us with the devotion they earn from their followers, and the credible goals their teams accomplish.


On the other hand, the majority of us filling a leadership role (temporarily or permanently) have opportunities to grow. What I mean by that is, we are either deficient in some of the effective qualities and misleading our team, or somehow we have blindly survivng up to this point. I wanted this book to be for the parent, the scout leader, the C.E.O., the teacher, the grandparent, the religious leader, the team leader, the coach, the eldest sibling, the manager, the politician, the mentor, the rock star, the athlete, the actor, and even the leader in the making.

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